Manifestations scientifiques

  • [CEL] Colloque | Waterphors 2024  4 avril 2024 - 5 avril 2024

    Colloque organisé par le Centre d’Études Linguistiques – Corpus, Discours et Sociétés (CEL, Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3).

  • [CEL] Colloque | Deixis and Indexicality (beyond) Here and Now  3 octobre 2024 - 5 octobre 2024

    The Linguistics Research Center - Corpus, Discourse and Societies will host a conference on deixis and indexicality from Oct. 3rd (ca. 14.00 CET) to October 5th, 2024 (ca. 13.00 CET). The conference is open to all scholars from the fields of descriptive and theoretical linguistics, semantic theory and pragmatics, without any restriction of theoretical framework.